The only thing to complete life is doing almost everything you cant do when you are young.

Sex confessions - 6 Months ago

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tiddy pics tiddy pics tiddy pics mEGaN

Weird confessions - 7 Months ago

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I like anime catgirls and im pretty sure theres some rumour going around the school because my friend spoke a bit TOO loud. God help me.

Fantasy confessions - 8 Months ago

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I dont think I could ever be in relationship with someone or even try spontaneous sex because I would rather masturbate instead. Although I do have sexual fantasies, I focus on imagining random, made up individuals in erotic scenarios and I never place myself in them at all. Its not that I am uncomfortable with my body or repulsed by the idea, but rather its just a fact that I simply cant visualize myself in my fantasies. This may not be a typical mindset one might have, but I am content with it and will probably continue to pleasure myself and not bother seeking out a partner(s).

Sex confessions - 9 Months ago

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I wish I could have someone mutilate me, like, I love Guro and I wish I was the one in the pictures (most of the time). I wish some could just Rape me and be really caring ( telling them they love me, light petting, kissing) and mutilate me all at the same time.

Fantasy confessions - 9 Months ago

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I am in to girls and my family does not know

Truth confessions - 9 Months ago

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I like turtles. I was a turtle in a past life. I am an atheist. Am I going to hell

General Confessions - 10 Months ago

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I want a someone to run a knife down my skin and slightly cut me then lick up the blood and kiss me

Fantasy confessions - 10 Months ago

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I am gay and i love you Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

General Confessions - 10 Months ago

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So...theres this korean group called BTS that I have been fangirling over lol...They are Jin, Namjoon, Hoseok, Yoongi, Jungkook, Tae and Jimin. I just fell in love with the one called Jimin, I think thats pretty normal for someone at my age...but the fact that I have dreams with him and even moan his name at night its pretty scary for me!! I have this huge feeling of want him to fuck me aaa what do I doooo

Random feeling confessions - 11 Months ago

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