I have a crush on my best friend, but I have a boyfriend that I love.

Love confessions - 10 Months ago

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I got pregnant from my boyfriend and my parents are super religious

Family confessions - 10 Months ago

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I fucked my sisters best friend when she slept over

Sex confessions - 10 Months ago

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I am....a hypocrite I think that is the word I should use. All my friends (when I had friends) always came to me for relationship advice. If they are cheating, or beating on you..leave and dont look back. I am almost pretty sure my husband has been cheating (wdifferent girls) for the last 2 years. Last night we were arguing about his drug use and he punched me square in the face (busted my nose, slight black eye).....I am still here. I am so stupid.

Relationships confessions - 10 Months ago

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angry tired : tired tired smug smug cheese cheese smile: smile smug cheese sad cheese smile LOL cheese smug angry sad tired tired sad angry smug sad+ LOL LOL smile sad+ angry sad tired

General Confessions - 10 Months ago

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my mom is such a Bitch angry

Family confessions - 10 Months ago

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I was on the Eurostar from Brussels, having been visiting some friends who live in Liege, sitting next to me was this attractive lady. We got chatting and seemed to hit it off, so much so that we swapped phone numbers, we now meet up once a month for a dirty weekend, and it is the best sex I have ever had. So, what to confess you ask Well she is 68 and I am only 24.

Sex confessions - 11 Months ago

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I really hate my life, I’ve been feeling like shit for the past 4 years. I hope this will be over soon (

General Confessions - 11 Months ago

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It’s been four months since I broke up with you but honestly I really regret it. I’d never tell you because you’re happier now but I really did love you and I miss you dearly. Seeing you with her and hearing what you said about me hurt me more than I admitted and I hurt you in order to deal with my emotional pain. You truly cared for me and made me feel so special and I hate that I took that for granted and let it all go away so easy

Love confessions - 11 Months ago

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I am cheating on my girlfriend with another girl and am about to add another girl to the mix as well.

Relationships confessions - 11 Months ago

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