My dad... He sells avon :(

General Confessions - 1 Year ago

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He just recently ended our affair, at first I accepted his decision because I wasn’t his girlfriend after all although it was hard for me because I knew his girlfriend and she also experienced interfaith relationship with him. Life moves along until I knew his true motive… I was so disappointed, he betrayed me and I was fool to make promise with him. Everyday every time I saw their Instagram Story, my heart was aching. Now, I avoid him in the best way I could. I’d rather stay silent or my tears will burst out. I’m too sad for everything, I thought I could fix our friendship but now… I just can’t, I thought he will be a good companion although we couldn’t have each other. Now I know his true color and may God will give them what they deserve

Relationships confessions - 1 Year ago

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I had Sex with a Boy that i babysit sometimes. After that a few weeks later he invited a Friend and we had a threesome. They are both 14 years old and One of Them filmed me riding his friend. I Think i will do this again.

General Confessions - 1 Year ago

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I was once chatting with some guy. They guy was very interessed in me. He called me on my phone and Wanted even a Video chat. While i was writing with him my boyfriend came to me and was very horny. I Wanted at First to Stop chatting to Take Care of my boyfriend. I had him told About the guy with who i was chatting. But my boyfriend said that i dont have to stop chatting, then he took me from behind. He told me, that i should tell the other guy that i was fucked while i was chatting with him. I did, but the guy didnt believed me. So we continued to write while i had Sex. I write sometimes with this guy, and i will always remember what happend.

General Confessions - 1 Year ago

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I wanna have a three some with my bf an another girl. He says he just wants so watch but I wanna choose her tho. An get her into it first. I wanna kiss her an slide my hands all over her body while i strip her. Suck on her nipples while I finger fuck her pussy. Make her hips buckle from the pleasure. Suck on her clit and just when she is about cum bury my tongue inside her. Feel her cum on my tongue an lips. Then I wanna make her finger fuck me just the same way but i wanna sit on her face so i can look at my bf while she does it. Then when i get off i want him to come to the bed so i can suck his dick an he can eat her pussy , then we will use her together. He can fuck her while i shove her face in my pussy an play with her titties any time she try to run he will fuck her harder. When she cant take no more we will switch an he will fuck me until we cum while i eat her throbbing pussy to relax it until she cums again in my mouth

Sex confessions - 1 Year ago

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I was angry inside but wasn’t showing it. I insulted someone I knew multiple times and threw in bad language and called him bad names. I really regret what I did and I want to take it back but I don’t know how. I am really sorry for the pain I caused you. It was over the internet but i still feel that I am at fault and I should be punished.

Friends confessions - 1 Year ago

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I dont love my husband, I only stay because he has no job and cant support himself sad

General Confessions - 1 Year ago

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I fucking hate my future step-mother. She thinks I’m trash and has even told me to my face that I’m a slob. She thinks my fiancé and I are lazy because we don’t wanna be workaholics like her. God I hate her.

Family confessions - 1 Year ago

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I have done something with the son of my Neighbor. I still cant believe what happened.

General Confessions - 1 Year ago

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I have a crush on my best friend, but I have a boyfriend that I love.

Love confessions - 1 Year ago

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