I hate (almost) all of my friends, like, UGH. they are so disgusting and some of them dont even know im gay, and they act so homophobic and i hate it sad

Friends confessions - 1 Month ago

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Im constantly scared that everyone will leave me, because people always leave. Thats why I tend to be so clingy when I meet new people. This often happens in relationships

Friends confessions - 3 Months ago

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I was angry inside but wasn’t showing it. I insulted someone I knew multiple times and threw in bad language and called him bad names. I really regret what I did and I want to take it back but I don’t know how. I am really sorry for the pain I caused you. It was over the internet but i still feel that I am at fault and I should be punished.

Friends confessions - 1 Year ago

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I want to kill one of my friends because of what they did

Friends confessions - 1 Year ago

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