I moved to Mississippi from the Midwest. I work outdoors with a crew of black men, since I shave my head, and my skin gets so dark everybody thinks Im mixed race. I have even tanned on my roof naked to get darker than most of the black guys I hang with. I sag, wear clothes to fit in with the other brothas and I date a white chick who thinks Im a brotha...hilarious. I dont think anyone would believe me anymore if i claimed to be white.

Weird confessions - 3 Weeks ago

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I have to stay home every Friday night to watch my little sister who is only 11 because my mom works that night. Last July on a Friday night my next door neighbor Audrey saw me naked in my bedroom. The window was open and I didnt have the shade pulled all the way down but she was right outside at the window. She is 14 and goes to the same school as me and its for sure she did it on purpose. The Friday night after that my sister was watching cartoons and I looked out my moms window and saw Audrey at my window again. I still dont know how long she had been peeking in at me but after that first time I knew she saw me I wasnt even mad and got a hard on. She was stooped down looking into my bedroom so I went in and just got undressed. I had an erection before I was even naked and just let her see me naked pretending I didnt know she was watching me. The next Friday night she was out there again and that was the first time I let her see me jerk off. She was out at my window every Friday night after that and about a month went by when I saw another girl with her. I didnt know who it was at first because it was real dark outside. I went in my room and got undressed and after they saw me naked for awhile I jerked off laying on my bed. The next week they were there again and thats when I saw the other girl was Kimmy who I know from school. Since then I always look out of my moms bedroom window to make sure Audrey or both of them are at my window. They usually are unless its raining out. I talk to them sometimes at school and I just try to act like I dont know that they see me naked so many times. Im not sure why but I jerk off other times just thinking about them seeing me. I probably should be embarrassed about it but instead it just gets me excited. At school I see them smiling at me a lot and am sure they talk to each other about it. Its fun just knowing the are watching me undress and most of the time I lay down in my bed to jerk off because Im closer to the window. I always make sure the window is open at least a few inches and the shade is up enough for them to see in good.

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I have a family member who is 47 and I like her a little too much to the point I sniff and wear her panties and bra even if they are worn. Whenever she walks around or bends over I can’t help but stare at her ass all the time. But I really like her. She helps me a lot with my problems so I feel bad. I want to see her naked body so bad

Weird confessions - 3 Months ago

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I have a tiny 3.5inch penis central NJ. SPH fetish I love to 908 show and be laughed at and 646 publicly exposed and humiliated for 0550 it. I posted my pics and info online and had someone anonymously change passwords. Hoping my friends see and out me. Google my phone and laugh. Tell me u saw

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tiddy pics tiddy pics tiddy pics mEGaN

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