I told my coworker that I have feelings for her. I’m married. My coworker is completely creeped out by me now. She told another coworker, who gave me The Talk about sexual harassment. My job is safe for now, I hope. The only thing I can do is give her space and leave her alone. I thought I was doing OK, but I guess I need to work harder. My wife doesn’t know. Hopefully she never will.

Love confessions - 11 Months ago

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I have a crush on my best friend, but I have a boyfriend that I love.

Love confessions - 1 Year ago

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It’s been four months since I broke up with you but honestly I really regret it. I’d never tell you because you’re happier now but I really did love you and I miss you dearly. Seeing you with her and hearing what you said about me hurt me more than I admitted and I hurt you in order to deal with my emotional pain. You truly cared for me and made me feel so special and I hate that I took that for granted and let it all go away so easy

Love confessions - 1 Year ago

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