The only thing to complete life is doing almost everything you cant do when you are young.

Sex confessions - 5 Months ago

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I dont think I could ever be in relationship with someone or even try spontaneous sex because I would rather masturbate instead. Although I do have sexual fantasies, I focus on imagining random, made up individuals in erotic scenarios and I never place myself in them at all. Its not that I am uncomfortable with my body or repulsed by the idea, but rather its just a fact that I simply cant visualize myself in my fantasies. This may not be a typical mindset one might have, but I am content with it and will probably continue to pleasure myself and not bother seeking out a partner(s).

Sex confessions - 7 Months ago

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I wanna have a three some with my bf an another girl. He says he just wants so watch but I wanna choose her tho. An get her into it first. I wanna kiss her an slide my hands all over her body while i strip her. Suck on her nipples while I finger fuck her pussy. Make her hips buckle from the pleasure. Suck on her clit and just when she is about cum bury my tongue inside her. Feel her cum on my tongue an lips. Then I wanna make her finger fuck me just the same way but i wanna sit on her face so i can look at my bf while she does it. Then when i get off i want him to come to the bed so i can suck his dick an he can eat her pussy , then we will use her together. He can fuck her while i shove her face in my pussy an play with her titties any time she try to run he will fuck her harder. When she cant take no more we will switch an he will fuck me until we cum while i eat her throbbing pussy to relax it until she cums again in my mouth

Sex confessions - 10 Months ago

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I fucked my sisters best friend when she slept over

Sex confessions - 10 Months ago

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I was on the Eurostar from Brussels, having been visiting some friends who live in Liege, sitting next to me was this attractive lady. We got chatting and seemed to hit it off, so much so that we swapped phone numbers, we now meet up once a month for a dirty weekend, and it is the best sex I have ever had. So, what to confess you ask Well she is 68 and I am only 24.

Sex confessions - 11 Months ago

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Ive never told anyone this before. My ex wife and I started dating just after high school and we had normal sort of relationship pretty vanilla and all that. After being married for a couple of years it became clear she either had a lot more experience than I did it had desires that were a little more kinky than that. At the time I would lick here pussy occasionally but our sex life was mostly missionary in bed. One day she said she had a special surprise for me. We took a long shower together and she washed my back rubbing her tits up against me and then she started soaping up my ass and ass crack, I balked a little bit she told me to go with it. It was kind of fun. When we were out of the shower she got out some flavoured lube and started jerking me and giving me a blowjob. She started deep thoating me while rubbing her lubed fingers against my ass, if I protested she would stop sucking and soon she had a finger up my bum. By the end I came as she was fingering me hard when I came. After she said my turn, lick my pussy . I was into it so I licked her for a couple minutes and thought it was over so went to get up and she grabbed a fistful of my hair pulling my head in between her legs shifting my head from side to side and directing me until she came so hard she squeezed my head so hard i thought my head might pop off. From that moment my life changed with her evil grin.

Sex confessions - 11 Months ago

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