I am one with a personal history of great cynicism toward organized religion and someone who was raised in a highly ethical yet non-religious household. Despite me having huge qualms concerning the metaphysical claims of most theo-centric religions a part of me loves the thought of giving my life over to religious service, preaching, teaching, and leading religious rites. The sheer power of traditional pre-Vatican II Catholic theology as well as ritual, liturgy, and vestments make me desire being a part of that somehow. I want to be a traditional Catholic priest!

Fantasy confessions - 6 Months ago

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I like anime catgirls and im pretty sure theres some rumour going around the school because my friend spoke a bit TOO loud. God help me.

Fantasy confessions - 11 Months ago

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I wish I could have someone mutilate me, like, I love Guro and I wish I was the one in the pictures (most of the time). I wish some could just Rape me and be really caring ( telling them they love me, light petting, kissing) and mutilate me all at the same time.

Fantasy confessions - 1 Year ago

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I want a someone to run a knife down my skin and slightly cut me then lick up the blood and kiss me

Fantasy confessions - 1 Year ago

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I am a 16 year old virgin. But, Ive always had fantasies about being taken advantage of. I just want someone to rape me . I know that sounds really bad ,and so messed up of me to say ,due to the fact that there are tons of women and men that have gotten raped and are scarred for life. But, I just want a man to handle me in a rough manner , to where I have no control over what is done to me. I also find myself being attracted to older men, the idea of being dominated sounds amazing. I want to be put in my place. One day I hope to be sexually and emotionally dominated. Is it wrong for me to feel this way

Fantasy confessions - 1 Year ago

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