I’ve been dating my girlfriend for half an year now. I came out as bisexual this june to my parents and told them I was dating a girl and they were not happy about it. They have been kind of pressuring me to break up with her ever since and that has been making me really sad and mentally exhausted to the point that I don’t feel happy in this relationship anymore even tho I love my gf a lot. Because of that I’ve been thinking about breaking up with her but she had depression and tried to kill herself many times and I’m afraid if I end things between us she might try to do something I really don’t want her to hurt herself and that’s why I didn’t do anything. I’ve been handling all of this by myself and that’s why I didn’t tell her,, I don’t want her to worry about me and all I want is to see her happy.

Relationships confessions - 1 Month ago

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Im dating someone, but theres another person in love with me which I really like too. Sometimes I find myself thinking if I should break up with my boyfriend, or if I would be making a mistake by doing it. I dont know... Sometimes its confusing, as other times it seems so clear what I should be doing...

Relationships confessions - 3 Months ago

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He just recently ended our affair, at first I accepted his decision because I wasn’t his girlfriend after all although it was hard for me because I knew his girlfriend and she also experienced interfaith relationship with him. Life moves along until I knew his true motive… I was so disappointed, he betrayed me and I was fool to make promise with him. Everyday every time I saw their Instagram Story, my heart was aching. Now, I avoid him in the best way I could. I’d rather stay silent or my tears will burst out. I’m too sad for everything, I thought I could fix our friendship but now… I just can’t, I thought he will be a good companion although we couldn’t have each other. Now I know his true color and may God will give them what they deserve

Relationships confessions - 10 Months ago

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I am....a hypocrite I think that is the word I should use. All my friends (when I had friends) always came to me for relationship advice. If they are cheating, or beating on you..leave and dont look back. I am almost pretty sure my husband has been cheating (wdifferent girls) for the last 2 years. Last night we were arguing about his drug use and he punched me square in the face (busted my nose, slight black eye).....I am still here. I am so stupid.

Relationships confessions - 11 Months ago

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I am cheating on my girlfriend with another girl and am about to add another girl to the mix as well.

Relationships confessions - 11 Months ago

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