Its no secret that the guy who lives next door to my house is an exhibitionist. His name is Randall and I am pretty sure he is about 30ish and has lots of muscles. Me and many of my friends have watched him work out naked in his back room. My mom saw him naked a few times over the last year and did confront him about it. He told her then that he didnt realize anyone could see into his house and was very apologetic about it. He has been careful ever since and began opening his windows again when he knows my mom is at work or out over the weekend. His wife moved out over a year ago and thats when he started doing it. He goes all over the house naked and lifts weights and rides a stationary bike in the back room and he never has anything on when he does it. All my girlfriends, my sister and two of my girl cousins have seen him naked. Last year I just thought he didnt know we could see him but Im sure he has seen us watching him many times. When he began doing it we never saw him masturbate but now he does it often and usually looks at our window first to make sure some of us are there. I never tell my mom about it because we always watch him when she isnt home. His wife was pretty and I dont know why she left him. Even when he is outside he wears shirts and shorts that show off his muscles. He talks to me and some of my friends but never does he or any of us say anything about it. Its so obvious when my mom is home the way he pulls down the shades. I can see him out front on his porch and as soon as my mom gets in the car he goes back inside and opens the window up. He knows at least me and my sister are home and by now knows some of my friends come over.

General Confessions - 3 Weeks ago

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