In 2017 my girlfriend Cassie and I moved in together to brand new condo. We purposely got a two bedroom unit because her youngest daughter Angela started college and stays with us 2 or 3 weekends a month. Angela is 19 now almost 20 and is driving me crazy. Cassie works at a department store so I am often alone with Angela 8 or more hours when Cassie works on a Friday night or Saturday. I have seen her nude a dozen or more times but the worst thing is the way she appears around me with little on. She always asks to borrow a couple of my T-shirts and wears them around the apartment. Im 62 but when she wears my shirts she never has any underwear on. When she sits down or leans over for something either her ass or vagina are exposed. I know shes not wearing a bra just by the way her nipples protrude. She has even went around like that when her mom is home and Cassie never says anything about it. I have fantastic sex with Cassie but her daughter has gotten me to jerk off a couple to a few times every weekend she is here. She jogs on Saturday mornings and after she showers she often goes over to her room naked. She comes out wearing one of my Ts lays on the sofa to watch tv and often falls asleep like that. There are times, depending how she is positioned, I stand there looking at her vagina which is always cleanly shaved. How could I not get a full hard on looking at this gorgeous girl. Im afraid shell wake up sometimes but I have often jerked off standing there at the foot of the sofa. Of course I never mention any of this to Cassie never paying much attention to Angela when Cassie is home. When we got this place I really wanted the one bedroom apartment because the rent was much cheaper but now Im more than ok with the extra cost. I sort of contribute to how much I see her body and a long time ago mostly give her my older white or light colored Ts. When I know which weekends she is going to be here I intentionally stay home hoping Cassie has to work on a Saturday or late Friday. I cant figure out why she is so carefree and comfortable around me with hardly anything on. When she comes out from her shower instead of having the towel around her its over her shoulder. Im usually in the living room or kitchen but I can still see down the hallway. Maybe she dont think I can see her or perhaps she dont care. Its hard to believe she does this on purpose so I am assuming she is just careless about it. Cassie knows she wears my T-shirts all the time but just said Angela always wore her dads when they were still together. Anyhow Im not her dad and when I see her like that so I get frequent erections and masturbate often.

General Confessions - 1 Month ago

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