I love peeking up the dresses of white women . It started in junior high school. Mini skirts had come into fashion. I am a black guy and had never gone to an almost all white school. I was going through puberty at the time. I would pop a hardon at the slightest stimulation. Anyway, I happen to see the girl in the next row cross her legs. When I saw those white thighs I thought my head would explode. My dick got so hard it hurt. I had to use my books to hide my hardon as I would go from class to class seeking out girls with crossed legs. This has been my life since then. During high school I would get super horny peeking up white girls dresses. Seeing pantyhose, bare thighs or my favorite, girls wearing stockings with garter straps. I thought by head would explode. I couldnt help myself. By the end of each school day I would hurry home as fast as I could. I d throw my books on the stairs leading up to my bedroom. I d yell to my mother that I was going to my room to study. Up the stairs Id run, unbuckling my pants. After locking the door I would pull off my tee shirt, shove my pants and underwear down to my ankles. My dick would be shiny from lust. Wrapping one hand around my hot dick and with the other one start tickling my nipples I went into Heaven. Closing my eyes I would bring back to mind all those white thighs or stocking tops and garters. Jerking faster my hips would thrust back and forth. Soon Id start sweating and before too long my dick would begin throbbing. My whole body would start tingling. Id start grunting, my dickhead would became shiny, and soon cum would gush out 5-6 feet in front of me onto the linoleum floor. The plop, plop, plops of cum hitting the floor was so erotic. Even while writing this, the memories flood back. I now, decades later, I still love to jerk when I catch a peek up white womens dresses. Its the only reason I sometimes watch Fox and Friends. To see up those white womens dresses. God, white thighs drive me crazy! Think Im obsessed

Weird confessions - 1 Month ago

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