Im in a very embarrassing situation and am trying my best not to acknowledge that I know my next door neighbors 2 boys have probably seen me naked more than I care to know. I only noticed they were peeking into bedroom the one time which was last week. I had just gotten out of the shower going into my room with a towel around me. I then continued drying myself and getting clean clothes out of my dresser and closet but still naked. Thats when I heard what I thought was a giggle. As I went toward the window I saw the two of them running back to their yard. I just didnt notice before how open my drapes were at the bottom of the window and dont know how long they had been that way. These two boys are only 13 and 11 and I see and talk to them often and know their parents very well. Three or four years ago I even babysat for these kids a few times. I read that story about the boy who got pants at a playground and so the feeling of embarrassment is really terrible. In that boys case doubly worse than my experience of embarrassment. I never said anything to the boys or their parents and am to humiliated to do so. I have seen the boys outside a couple times since, but only say hi to them. The bottom of my drape now has two pins holding it shut.

General Confessions - 1 Month ago

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