I had been single for 5 years until june of 18. And I felt pressured into it. My gfs brother called me her girlfriend. Sand when she asked me how I felt I said I guess I have a girlfriend now! I really wanted to be just friends. Shes not really my type. I like her, but I dont like being in a relationship with her. She says all the wrong stuff. Im a fat lady. And when ever I say Im fat- a fact. She goes, I like *all* body types and it makes me so angry. But I cant tell her that. Because Im a big ass chicken who doesnt like confrontation. Im on the ace spectrum. I like the idea of romantic relationships and the idea of sex. But 5 years single-theres a reason for that. I want to break up but I cant. Because before it was her birthday. Now its Christmas. Then its going to be new years. Then valentines day is around the corner. Its been a month since I last saw her. And I know what I want to do. I just cant do it. I dont want to hurt her. And I know Im currently hurting her. Especially since Im going out of state for a week.

Relationships confessions - 5 Months ago


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