This is something that that started 20 years ago and continued for almost 2 years. I was living with my mom and her boyfriend Franklin since I was 9. My mom couldnt get home from Thursday until Saturday night because of the bad flood we had. Our house was ok but Franklin had to use a boat to get me out of the woods. I was stuck on a tree with my friend Brenda for 3 hours before him and Brendas dad found us. I was soaking wet, freezing, and petrified by the time Franklin got me home. I think I was in shock because I just stood there letting him undress me and wrap a blanket around me. After an hour or so he filled the bathtub and carried me to the bathroom. I was only 12 but I had began to develop and so naïve I never said a word as he washed the mud from my body. I stood in silence as I stood there naked having him dry me off like a small child. I do admit my whole body hurt from holding on to the tree next to the creek. The water was up to my neck most of the time and it was a struggle just to hold on. When Franklin asked where I hurt I just said everywhere. Before I could say anything he wrapped the towel around me and laid me in my bed. Before I knew what was happening he began rubbing my legs, back and shoulders. I think that was the first time I truly realized I was laying there completely naked and first became embarrassed. Thats when Franklin began telling me it was ok and that he had already seen me naked many times growing up. After the hot bath and the way he was rubbing me I finally felt at ease again. I was at an innocent age and that was the beginning of him controlling me. At the time I had very little thoughts of sex but by the time he finished rubbing my body I had my first taste of arousal, not realizing what it was. Thursday night and Friday night my mom stayed at a hotel near her job because many of the roads were closed. On Friday Franklin again had me undress and that day was the first time I had an orgasm. From then on for close to two years, every time I was alone with him I received a massaged. Without fear I willingly undressed for him and he rubbed me down while naked. I know now he never fully penetrated me but there were times I had more than one orgasm. Just the way he touched my vagina and anus was enough to excite me and he also touched my breasts causing me to be aroused quickly. I wasnt quite 14 when it came to an abrupt halt after he and my mom broke up and he moved away. Once he was gone is when I began masturbating excessively. Til today I have never told my mother about it and the only one I ever told is my best friend. I never did see Franklin again and do know he was sexually abusing me. At the time however it didnt seem that way for me. He was so gentle with me that I had no sense of embarrassment with him. He did have me swear not to tell my mom about it and I honestly didnt want him to stop doing it. Im married and have a son now but still think about that time when I was so naïve yet aware my mom shouldnt know.

General Confessions - 1 Month ago

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