My next door neighbor Kayla and her friend Melanie swim in my pool a couple times a week. My mom and dad are at work all day so I am alone with them most of the time. The one day Kayla noticed I had a hard on so I sat down right away trying to hide it. They both laughed about it then all the sudden Melanie ask me to show them my penis. I know I shouldnt have but I just stood up and pulled my bathing suit down showing them my erection. Then Kayla asked me if I masturbate and Melanie ask me to let them watch. We went back into my house and even though I admit I was a little embarrassed took of my shorts and jerked off naked right in front of them. So far I have let them watch me six times and every time they ask I let them see me nude. Kayla is 15 and Melanie is 14. It dont even embarrass me anymore and I get a hard on right away when they ask me.

General Confessions - 1 Month ago


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